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In-office Ultrasound Specialist

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In-office ultrasounds are helpful tools that let you and your providers view the inside of your uterus to monitor fetal growth, diagnose fibroids, and assess symptoms like abnormal bleeding. At Modern OBGYN Care in Miramar, Florida, Miguel Torres, MD, Marcela Torres, MD, and the team offer in-office ultrasounds for a range of purposes. To book an appointment, call the office or schedule one online today.

In-office ultrasound Q & A

What is an in-office ultrasound?

An in-office ultrasound is an imaging test that shows your organs and tissues. Uniquely, an in-office ultrasound shows a real-time feed of your blood flow, heartbeat, and other moving parts in your body. There are two different types of ultrasound you can get:


During a transabdominal ultrasound, your provider puts a cool gel on your abdomen and glides a device called a transducer across your skin. The device transmits the image feed onto a nearby screen. 


During a transvaginal ultrasound, your provider places a different type of transducer into your vaginal canal in order to see the inside. A transvaginal ultrasound provides a more detailed image than a transabdominal ultrasound.

Both types of in-office ultrasounds create their images using soundwaves, which are harmless and bounce off or are absorbed into the tissues inside your body. 

When do I need an in-office ultrasound?

There are multiple reasons to get an in-office ultrasound at Modern OBGYN Care. The team tells you what they’ll be evaluating with their ultrasound and describes to you what they see on the screen as they perform the test. You can get an in-office ultrasound to diagnose or evaluate:

  • The growth of your baby during pregnancy
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Uterine scars
  • Infertility
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • IUD placement
  • Endometrial polyps

If you have any questions over the course of your in-office ultrasound imaging test, the team at Modern OBGYN Care is ready to answer them in detail. Because you can see the screen in real-time, you’ll know the results right away. 

How should I prepare for an in-office ultrasound?

In-office ultrasounds tend to take 30 minutes to an hour of your time, so you should schedule around the appointment accordingly. Pelvic ultrasounds, either transvaginal or transabdominal, do not require much other preparation on your part. However, you should:

  • Drink plenty of water before the exam
  • Avoid urinating right before the exam
  • Eat as you normally would
  • Call ahead to ask questions if you have any

You’ll be laying down during the in-office ultrasound with the technician close by. Ultrasound imaging tests are usually not painful or uncomfortable, but you should let your ultrasound technician know if you need anything or have any concerns throughout the process. 

To schedule an appointment for an in-office ultrasound at Modern OBGYN Care, call the office or use the online booking tool today.